Johnny Got His Gun

Trumbo Dalton
[strony podług: Wyd. CITADEL PRESS, New York, 2007.]

„A million to one ten million to one there was always the one”

[s. 89]

„Maybe nothing was real not even himself oh god and wouldn’t that be wonderful”

[s. 103]

„What […] does liberty mean anyhow? It’s just a word”

[s. 114]

„Name it and you can have it”

[s. 119]

„He […] was […] a prisoner in the narrowest cell […] the cell of his own […] body”

[s. 191]

„There was nothing below him nor above him nor to his right nor to his left”

[s. 194]

„He and space and the colors and the music were the same thing”

[s. 195]

„We are immortal we are the sources of life”

[s. 249]